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Player Auction 2018

How it works!

Each of the player lots are auctioned on Saturday 21st April.

The value of auctioned lots are totalled and this becomes the pool..

The Club then retains 20% of the total pool value.

Only the top three best players, in the A Grade, Reserves and Senior Colts, as given each week by the coaching staff – listed on Fox Sports Pulse and the Argus etc. – return a payment to the purchaser of the lot the player is contained within.

Senior Colts are awarded the following, 1st best - $30, 2nd best - $10, 3rd best -$5, each week. The total amount of which, $45 x 18 = $810 is deducted from the pool.

The remainder of the pool is split 70/30 – 70% A Grade and 30% Reserves. Which is then divided by 18 rounds and then each round is allocated at the following rate;

1st best player 60%, 2nd best player 30% 3rd best player 10%

These dividends are totalled and at the end of the year returned to the purchaser of that particular lot.


The Auction totals $14,000. Less 20% - $2,800 to the Club, leaves $11,200. Take off $810 for Senior Colts pay outs and this then leaves $10,390 to be divided 70/30 or $7,723 and $3,117 for the A Grade and Reserves respectively.

Each of these amounts is then divided by 18 rounds, giving A Grade $404 and the Reserves $173 per round to be divided 60/30/10% or $242 - 1st best, $121 - 2nd best and $41 - 3rd best for the A Grade and $104 – 1st best, $52 – 2nd best and $17 3rd best for the Reserves.

Note: These figures have been rounded to make calculations easier.

The total the Auction makes and the amount for each level of collect will be published after the Auction.

The more the Auction makes the higher the dividends will be.

You need to be in it to win it – form up a syndicate now!





P03495 Anzac Day 960x480

This year the annual ANZAC Day clash returns to Strathalbyn
This will be the first year to utilise the finished Club Rooms and the new RSL Rooms as well.
The Club is expecting a huge crowd and will be looking forward to seeing you all there.
The Gates will be opening at 10:30 with the Colts kicking off the day at 12:01.
There will be a Parade of Diggers at 6:00pm followed by the ANZAC Day Service.
The big game siren time will be at 630 and the Match will be played for, not only bragging rights but for the Daish Cup as the prize!

Family Movie and Fun Night


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Grand Final

Well the footy season is over for another year unless of course you count the SANFL or AFL then you have another couple of weeks of finals to go to or just follow.

Peckings congratulates Mt Compass on a great year and a well-deserved and hard won Premiership last Saturday. The whole Grand Final day was well run by the Encounter Bay Football Club who also had the extra load with their A Grade team playing on the day.

The Roosters are already in planning mode for 2017 with the wheels in motion at the Club looking at who might play on, who might retire, who might leave. Then looking at recruits with the Player Payment cap and Player Points Scheme looking down on the club. It is will all those permutations that the Club needs to

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Preliminary Final

Well that is the end of that – knocked out in the Preliminary Final by the smallest of margins… The Roosters had their chances and with the siren imminent could have iced the game. But some things just don’t happen to script and like everything in this game you make your opportunities and you must then take your opportunities.

Saturday’s game was a game of inches and with the quarter break scores all within a point of two at each turn it was always delicately balanced. And those few missed opportunities like the bad decisions were all, in the scheme of things, important little percentage points in that kind of close game.

Well done to the players, well done to the support staff and well done to the supporters that headed off to not only this big game but all the other games throughout the season and to all points of the Fleurieu and enjoyed watching the Rooster boys play the game that is so dear to us all.

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Player Auction


If you are in the market for a loan for anything make sure you talk to the NAB and while you are their mention the Footy Club!
We, as a club, will benefit enormously from this campaign if you need to take out that all important loan!
Thanks for keeping this in mind!


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